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About me

About me

Three years ago I rented out my house in America and am now a nomad traveling the world, staying in each country for at least a month. I’d love to tell you about all the new cultures I’ve experienced and show you how you can be an immersion tourist, cultural tourist, slow travel tourist. 

Immersion travel is a more inexpensive, authentic and enriching experience than taking tours.

How I got caught by the travel bug

I was raised in a multicultural area of California, USA

My particular city is often awarded the title of THE MOST CULTURALLY DIVERSE CITY IN AMERICA, hence, I am surrounded by immigrants from sooo many countries. Many of the neighbors on my block don’t speak English, but we still share our lives, mostly through food. Borscht, lumpia, enchiladas-yum! Two generations ago, my grandparents were immigrants too. Now I have become the immigrant, living with local people in their community.

I stay at least a month in each country to fully experience the culture.

Sometimes I rent an apartment, sometimes I live with a family, and sometimes I live in a shared accommodation where I become friends with other travelers and learn about their cultures too. Have you heard of “immersion travel”? It is the latest trend in travel where we connect with the culture by interacting with the people who live there by staying long enough to get a good understanding of the culture.

Sometimes I volunteer or take on a paid job

Sometimes I choose to volunteer or take a job, and live in one location for 6 months, then I go on to the next country. Getting a job or volunteering is the ultimate method of immersing yourself into a new culture. It’s also a non-threatening way to take your first trip outside of your country, especially if you are traveling alone. 

My style of traveling is is termed Cultural tourism, Immersion tourism or Slow travel

Modern day travelers are looking for more authentic experiences rather than taking tours. When you stay in local neighborhoods, work or volunteer, you don’t need a tour director to show you the culture, you are living it!

Some of my most memorable accommodations

Homestays     Shared housing       Apartments

I rented at the Pegasus Plaza apartment complex which sported a movie theater, restaurants, and a party at the pool every night.

Bien, Hoa,Vietnam

I had my own courtyard at the Penanco apartments

Oaxaca, Mexico

My sister, nephew and I all stayed in Lani's Conical Hats Shared Housing

DaNang, Vietnam

I lived in The Chen's home and taught at their english learning center. We shared many stinky tofu hot pots

Hunei, Taiwan

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