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Accommodations available in Vietnam. Be careful. My hotel bed tried to kill me.

I’ve always dreamt of moonlight dancing in exotic countries and I’m finally realizing my dream. But this is far from the romantic experience I envisioned. I awoke in the middle of the night and here I am dancing to save my life. The hotel bed is so hard that it actually cut off all circulation on my left side. I don’t know what would’ve happened if I hadn’t woke up!  I’ve slept in campgrounds tents that were softer than this thing.

Types of accommodations available in Vietnam

What kind of places do you like to stay in when you visit other cities or countries? Hard beds aside, Vietnam has some excellent choices for accommodation and the prices are unbelievable. Here are the housing choices for a stay in Vietnam: Buy your own luxury condo for $50,000 USD, rent an apartment or condo for $12 a day, or stay in a hotel for a few dollars per night. Since I am an immersion tourist, and the whole point of traveling is to experience the culture, I need to stay at least a month in each country. I narrow my housing down to two choices: A new luxury condo or an old dilapidated apartment on the riverfront alongside the outdoor market. Not quite ready to totally immerse myself in the local culture, I guiltily, for $350 USD a month, take the luxury 2 bedroom condo.. My condo is housed on the 15th floor of a two year old high-rise and sports a pool, a commercial gym, restaurants, dance clubs, and a top-notch movie theater. Can you imagine all this for a few hundred a month. Couple this with the price of food of about $1.15 per meal and I’m able to have an nice life in Vietnam for less than $500 per month. So this is what it feels like to live in luxury!

Travel tip: Travel with one of those cheap swimming pool air mattresses to place on your bed.

Which accommodation would you choose?

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