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Monkeys as a tourist attraction: Not all monkeys are worth their weight in gold

You dirty rotten monkeys!  An excursion which was supposed to be a fun group bonding outing to Monkey Island is ending up being less like fun and more like terrorizing. We bonded alright, because we were grabbing onto each other for protection, especially when the monkeys saw us with food. Pat, my best friend here, spotted an ice cream stand on the island and innocently suggested getting one. Well, as soon as the monkeys noticed one in my hand, they began jumping to get at it. I’m sorry, but it’s hot outside and I’m not giving it up!  They were able to get my water bottle though, and as it was being dragged toward the alligator infested swamp, I was still fighting off monkeys and exclaiming, “Pat, I’m gonna get you for this!”

And to think that in the past I paid to let little tourist monkeys climb on me and pick my pocket. Hopefully you still think they are cute, because they can be a fun tourist attraction. My sister just sent me a picture of one standing on her head in Bali. But due to this unfortunate incident, I’m scared of them now.

The remainder of the Vietnam excursion was one of the best of my life. It included a traditional hot-pot lunch on the beach, a ferry ride, dinner at a seafood restaurant, and monkey free ice cream cones back in town. All in all a memorable day in Asia.

Travel tip: Monkey excursions are popular tourist venues in many countries. Be cautious. One girl had her prescription glasses stolen.

Have you ever had a bonding outing go terribly wrong?

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