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Work and volunteer opportunities

Volunteering and working at a job are the best methods for immediate immersion into a new culture.

  1. Teaching English in a school. I have had 3 six month long jobs in English learning centers teaching 12-16 hours per week. These were in Taiwan and Vietnam and Mexico. Most Asian countries pay $20 per hour except Thailand which pays less.  Jobs in Central and South America pay $6. I found these jobs on
  2. 1 day substitute teaching jobs: Paid in cash. No credentials or i.d.required
  3. Teach English on-line. You can discover the cultures of the world without leaving your home by teaching English online. Most companies have no requirements other than the ability to speak English and a strong, reliable internet connection.
  4. Teach bridge The World Bridge Federation wants to spread the game of bridge throughout the world and is recruiting instructors.
  5. I volunteered to help in the kitchen at a children’s charity and as an added benefit, learned authentic Mexican cooking.
  6. I volunteered to teach a 2 week summer school English course in Oaxaca, Mexico. Your ability to teach English is a desirable trait that provides you with volunteer opportunities in all corners of the world

teach english online

Click her for teaching apps that I currently use and others which I have vetted.

Teach English in a school

Click here for a list of worldwide public and private schools currently hiring


Volunteer opportunities abound

how to find jobs teaching english

Teaching online: Numerous online teaching apps and websites exist. I have vetted several of them. These can be found by clicking on my TEACH ENGLISH ONLINE button above.

Teaching in an exotic location: Do not pay a recruiter. You can find jobs easily on your own. Click on the TEACH ENGLISH IN A SCHOOL button above to be connected to Dave’s ESL Cafe. This site has listings for jobs throughout the world. I found my job in Vietnam on this site, interviewed through Skype and was easily hired before arriving in the country. Another option is to arrive in a country and ask around. This is how I landed my jobs in Mexico and Taiwan. 


I travel around the world as a digital nomad and teach on the Palfish app.


I have made many new friends while working at a university in Vietnam.


I live on the beach and teach English in Taiwan.